M & M Rubber Rollers Products

Speciality Rollers covered in silicone, polyurethane and viton

M & M Rubber Rollers Ltd provides a specialist service in the recovery of rubber covered rollers in all rubbers including silicones and polyurethanes all manufactured in house. We also offer full engineering service including journal repairs, new rollers manufactured to customer requirements. With a wealth of experience in this field we can offer an efficient service and competitive prices with excellent turn around times.

  • Hardness 25 shore - 100 shore (shore D range available in polyurethane.)
  • Most rubbers available e.g nitrile, epdm, hypalon, silicone, viton, polyurethane etc.
  • Grooving and cambering services available.
  • Regrind service.
  • Rubber mouldings and polyurethane mouldings and castings.
  • Sleeves in both rubber and polyurethane.
  • Rubber and polyurethane sheeting.
  • Small rubber lining e.g tanks pipes and fabrications.

We supply all manufacturing industries including corrugated, textile, packaging, paper, water, food, printing etc.

Various Rubber Specifications


Excellent heat and cold resistance. Limited in chemical resistance properties.


High abrasion resistance. Good for moderate chemicals, fats, oils and grease. Poor resistance to concentrated acids, certain hydrocarbons, ketones and esters.


Good high temperature properties. Resistant to most hydrocarbons, acids and vegetable and animal oils. Poor for nitro containing compounds, low molecular esters and ketones.


Resistant to attack from petroleum based solvents and mineral oils. Fair heat and aging resistance. Poor cold resistance, not recommended for weather resistance.


Similar to nitrile but provides a higher abrasion resistance due to tougher vulcanizates. Poor cold resistance, not recommended for weather resistance.


Excellent resistance to Ozone and weather. Low temperature threshold. High tensile strength. Also resistant to non-flammable hydraulic fluids. Non-resistant to mineral oils.


Good resistance to heat and flame, aging and weather. Moderate in resistance to oil and chemicals. Long flex life. Poor resistance to aromatic hydrocarbons.


Good low temperature properties and long flex life. High resilience, tensile strength and elongation. Wide hardness range. Poor resistance to heat, ozone, weather and oil.


Improved acid and ozone resistance over neoprene. High colour retention means it is good for certain bleaching agents. Poor resistance to esters and ketones, concentrated oxidising agents, chlorinated, aromatic and nitro hydrocarbons.

M & M Rubber Rollers
M & M Rubber Rollers
M & M Rubber Rollers
M & M Rubber Rollers

We also offer new metals manufactured and supplied, unsupported sleeves in all polymers, journal refurbishment, bearings renewed, full engineering facilities, grooving/patterns..

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